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Common Scenarios as told by our users:

“Because the Saf T Lok remains unlocked unless I use the two step method to lock it, I have Saf T Lok on the gun that I carry. I have my weapon securely in my possession most of the time, but occasionally have the need to leave it behind. Those times, I simply press the buttons that lock the Saf T lok and place it secured in my glove box, for example. When I return, I may if I like, unlock it, or leave it locked on my person knowing with a few quick clicks it will be ready to fire.”

“As many of us do today, I sleep with my semi-auto pistol on my bedside dresser. It is unlocked and ready to fire through the night. I don’t carry the weapon to work with me, so I simply lock the Saf T Lok magazine, and leave it in a drawer in the same dresser. I’ve explained firearm safety to my children, but with Saf T lok, I know that if my weapon is discovered, it is locked and my children are safe. Unlocking the weapon each night and locking it again each morning is so simple.”  

“I do own several firearms, and I do own a safe where MOST of them are kept. But Saf T Lok means I can store different firearms around my home just out of sight, but ready to use in emergency situations. I can rest knowing that if somehow they were discovered, only those I authorize will be able to fire the weapon. My family is safe from threats, my children are safe from the firearms.”
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to unlock my gun every time I pull the trigger? No, and of course not! The Saf T Lok allows you to control its use entirely. Locking the Saf T Lok requires a two step method to prevent accidental locking. Once locked, entering the combination means your weapon is unlocked and ready to fire until you lock it again.

Is it Easy to Install the Saf T Lok? Yes. Our Saf T lok magazine lock for semi autos is just that. An ammunition magazine. Loaded and ready to use. Our locking mechanism hides in the base of the magazine. Our revolver kits include a set of grips that hide the lock below.

Does the Saf T Lok require batteries? No. Our patented, entirely mechanical combination lock, doesn’t fail. Tested by the The Institute for Police Research, The Associated Locksmiths of America, and independent laboratory Engineering Technology, Inc., and endorsed by these agencies and The National Fraternal Order of Police, among others, the Saf T Lok proved to be worthy of our Lifetime Guarantee.

How does the lock work? Buttons on the Saf T Lok “click” as you slide them, then return to their starting place. Entering the correct number of clicks on each of 3 grip lock buttons, or 4 magazine lock buttons, will unlock the lock. As many as 10,000 possible combinations secure your gun from unauthorized use. Combinations may require only a few clicks.