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  • Boston Police Department: "Over 2000 Saf T Loks in service for more than 23 years without one failure".
  • Palmetto Police Dept: "We love your products and issue them to each of our officers at the  your devices are invaluable to us".
  • National Fraternal Order of Police  Saf T Lok is the only gun lock endorsed by the National Fraternal Order of Police .
  • Institute For Police Research recommended the Saf T Lok after several months of testing, stating "Saf T Lok will prevent injury and save the lives of children".
  • National Rifle Association: "For that extra margin of safety, the is the Saf T Lok".
  • Tested and approved at the US Government Testing Lab at Quantico,VA for US Government purchase.
  • Guns and Ammo Magazine: "A gun can be locked, loaded and ready in 3 seconds".
  • American Rifleman Magazine: "Saf T Lok will sell itself".
  • In use at US Government Agencies including U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Office of the Inspector General, Rockville, MD.

in less than 3 seconds... even in the dark.


  •  Safely Locks A Loaded Gun!

  •  No Modification To Your Firearm!

  •  No Key, Rings Or Magnets to Find!

  •  No Batteries To Fail!

  •  Lifetime Guarantee​

Only you can fire your gun.